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Online dog training where we focus on all things Scent Work!

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How Scent Work University Can Help You

With our online dog training services, we can help you achieve your Scent Work training goals.

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Scent Work can help dogs build their confidence and work them out mentally and physically. Don't delay, start playing this game with your dog today.

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Every month we offer the Student enrollment option for a few of our courses. This means you have the opportunity to provide videos of various exercises for detailed feedback from your instructor.

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We offer two to three live webinars a month which offer an interactive learning experience. Ask questions in realtime. Cannot attend the live webinar? We offer recorded versions for all of our webinars.

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Get the most out of your learning experience and purchase one of our course packages. Not only will you have access to entire learning path, you'll also enjoy a 10% discount!

Enjoy a 10% discount when you order our webinar packages, each of which are designed to help you work on what you need to in order to obtain your Scent Work training goals and aspirations.

Looking for a gift for a dog-loving friend or family member? We have exactly what you need! Customized gift certificates that can fit every budget and dog training need.

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We're professional dog trainers who are passionate about Scent Work! Not only are we competitors, trial officials and actively involved in the competition organizations, we've also seen firsthand how Scent Work can benefit all dogs!

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