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  • What is Scent Work

    What is Scent Work?

    Scent Work is an excellent option for all dogs, whether they are interested in competition or not! Allow your dog to tap into their amazing sense of smell.
  • Getting Started in Scent Work

    With our Foundation Scent Work courses, you and your dog will learn the skills necessary to be successful in this wonderful activity.
  • Building Skills

    Building Skills

    Has your dog been introduced to Scent Work and you are now ready to take their skills to the next level? Our skills-specific courses are just what you are looking for.
  • Prepping for Trial

    Prepping for Trial

    With our competition venue-specific courses, we can help you and your dog get ready for trial, and develop the skills necessary to be successful.

Why You Should Choose Online Training Through Scent Work University

Online Dog Training Works!

With a combination of informative narration, detailed video examples and helpful handouts, participants will walk away understanding the hows and whys of each exercise.

Learn At Your Own Pace

You have access to all the course and webinar materials for 1 full year. Refer back to this material as often as you like! Take your time and never feel rushed.

Get the Support You Need

Use the course forum to ask questions to the instructor as well as your fellow participants. SWU staff is always available to answer technical questions too!