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  • What is Scent Work

    What is Scent Work?

    Scent Work is an excellent option for all dogs, whether they are interested in competition or not! Allow your dog to tap into their amazing sense of smell.
  • Getting Started in Scent Work

    Getting Started in Scent Work

    With our Foundation Scent Work courses, you and your dog will learn the skills necessary to be successful in this wonderful activity.
  • Prepping for Trial

    Prepping for Trial

    With our competition venue-specific courses, we can help you and your dog get ready for trial, and develop the skills necessary to be successful.
  • Upcoming Courses

    Upcoming Courses

    See which online Scent Work courses are opening for enrollment in the coming weeks; you don't want to miss out!
  • Current Courses

    Current Courses

    Want to enroll in a course right now? We've got you covered! Check out those courses that offer rolling enrollment and get your learning on!

How Can Scent Work University Help You?

Getting Started in Scent Work

Getting Started in Scent Work

Are you new to Scent Work? Get a solid start in the activity that all dogs should participate in!

Building Skills for Scent Work

Building Skills for Scent Work

Find the ways you can expand your Scent Work skills, whether you are interested in recreation or competition.

Prepping for a Scent Work Trial

Prepping for a Scent Work Trial

Find out how you can be successful when you are trialing with a specific competition organization.

Courses to Check Out

Introduction to Scent Work

Does your dog love to sniff? Are you looking for a way to work them out mentally and physically with an activity that is still easy for you to do and fit into your busy schedule? Do you need something to help build your dog's confidence or curb unwanted behaviors stemming from boredom? Great! Then the Introduction to Scent Work course is for you!

NACSW: NW2 Trial Prep

The NW2 Trial Prep class will mentally and physically prepare teams for NACSW™ NW2 trials. Some of the topics covered include training with distractions, searching for multiple hides and solving converging odor problems, how to read your dog sourcing an inaccessible hide, covering the search area, working under pressure as well as tips on how to prepare for the day of the trial will be covered.

Handler Discrimination

In AKC Scent Work , competitors also have the opportunity to enter the handler discrimination class, where the dog will locate an article with their scent in the Novice levels, or a scented q-tip or cotton ball in the upper levels of competition. We will cover how you can introduce this concept to your dog and ensure their success!

Judge and CSD Certification Course

Judges and CSDs are the backbone of USCSS™ . They must have a full understanding of the Official Rules, how the Classes and Games are to be organized, designed, run and officiated as well as understand their overall roles at a trial. While a requirement for all USCSS™ officials, competitors will also find this course exceedingly helpful.

Hide Placement for Trial

Whenever an official sets a hide at a trial, it should be a thoughtful and well-planned process in an attempt to pose a particular odor puzzle to each dog and handler team. A course geared toward all trial officials, especially those with United States Canine Scent Sports , you will learn how to ensure each hide is successful at your next trial!

Reading Your Dog

One of the most important skills for any Scent Work handler to hone is being able to read their dog. Every dog will develop their own personal "tell". In this course we will break down the common signs your dog is in odor, heading toward and finding the hide as opposed to what it looks like when they get distracted, are crittering or investigating "dog odor".

Building Endurance in Scent Work

Scent Work is an exhausting activity for the dog, both mentally and physically. Therefore, we must consciously train to build upon our dog's endurance, especially as we prepare to enter the higher levels of competition. In this course, we will outline how you can get your dog comfortable with routinely finding 8, 10, 15 or even more hides within a single search area!

Exteriors and Vehicles with Birch

Has your dog graduated from the Introducing Birch course ? Are they ready to take their skills to the next level? Wonderful! This 6-week online course will cover how to introduce your dog to the concept of searching for Birch in exterior and vehicle search areas, both of which can be rather challenging. Gain the skills you need to succeed!

Exteriors and Vehicles with Primary

Have you graduated from the Introduction to Scent Work course and are looking for ways to take your Scent Work training to the next level? Wonderful, you are in the right place! The goal with this course is having your dog approach each of these highly distracting, and oftentimes difficult, areas with focus and enthusiasm! Let the fun begin!

More Scent Work Awesomeness to Check Out!

Quality Instruction

With a combination of informative narration, detailed video examples and helpful handouts, you will walk away understanding the hows and whys of each exercise.

Incredible Convenience

You have access to all the course and webinar materials for 1 full year. Refer back to this material as often as you like! Take your time and never feel rushed.

Flexible Learning

Choose the enrollment option that works best for you. Use the course forum to ask questions to the instructor as well as your fellow participants.

What SWU Students Say

  • One word to sum up my experience is tremendous. After taking the Building Speed in Scent Work and Odor Only Proofing, Guinness and I have grown by leaps and bounds. The format is fantastic, in a traditional class setting nuances are missed or you don't realize you're doing or not doing something, but when your training session videos are critiqued, you are coached through the minute details; it’s these little things that make a huge impact. Thank you SWU!!
  • Currently taking Building Endurance in Scent Work and loving it! I am learning so much about myself and my dog, Dianna's feed back is wonderful and so motivating! I selected this course because even though we have been very successful a the lower trial levels as we move on to advanced work we are facing some challenges and this course is helping us immensely! Thank you Dianna! You rock!
  • I've take a lot of on-line courses and I'm really happy with how well this is set up and how professional the website, registration, course materials, etc were. I already signed up for a second course!!
  • Very well thought out and explained. The Handler Discrimination course was extremely helpful and fun.
  • Lots of useful information in the Judge and CSD Certification course without useless "fluff". Quizzes were very helpful.

Give It a Try

Give It a Try

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