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Why Scent Work University Was Created


Scent Work University is the brainchild of Dianna L. Santos, a professional dog trainer, competitor, trial official and former trial organization staff member who fell in love with Scent Work immediately upon being introduced to it!

"That's nice and all...but what does that have to do with Scent Work University?"

In mid-2016, Dianna sustained a serious neck and back injury that brought her in-person training business to a screetching hault. No more teaching group classes. No more speaking at workshops. No more officiating trials. Nothing.

Things were looking bleak, but Dianna did not want to give up on her passion: dog training and teaching. Her students were also disappointed they could no longer work with her. Then it dawned on her...she could teach online!

Thus began the process of figuring out the logistics of how this would work..mastering the technology...transferring the in-person experience to an online one without compromising any quality.

Dianna spent close to a year finalizing everything before having it go live, building the site herself, learning the ins and outs of audio and video production and so much more. The next phase was to bring in some other insturctors. This new platform was not going to just promote her training, no. It was designed to provide outstanding training to as many dog owners, handlers and trainers as possible. That meant working hand-in-hand with as many fantastic instructors as she could. The team at SWU is a pretty impressive one, and is constantly growing much to Dianna's delight.

"But who is Scent Work University for?"

Anyone and everyone who is interested in Scent Work! Quite honestly, every single dog on the planet should be playing the GAME of Scent Work. The benefits can not be overstated. Mental stimulation. Physical stimulation. A proper outlet. Tapping into an instinct. Super fun to watch and easy to set-up! No heavy or super expensive equipment needed to play this game!

"I thought only people who wanted to trial should take these courses?"

NO! SWU was created to help promote MORE dogs to play the GAME of Scent Work. Now, if after playing for a while you want to jump into a AKC Scent Work trial, or give NACSW a try, there are courses specifically designed to help with just that. Perhaps you are looking to see what UKC Nosework or United States Canine Scent Sports is all about. Maybe you've heard of Performance Scent Dogs or Sporting Detection Dog Association and want to learn more. Perfect! SWU offers courses to help you with just that.

The foremost objective of SWU is to provide the best learning opportunity possible. We accomplish this with detailed and high-quality instruction, informative webinars as well as though-provoking blogs and podcasts.

We look forward to helping you on your sniffing adventure. Let's get started!