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What SWU Offers

Let's face it, Scent Work as an activity can be beneficial to every single dog. Our goal at SWU is to help more dogs and handlers learn about, and get involved in, Scent Work, regardless of whether they want to compete or not.

So, why aren't people playing Scent Work right now?

1. Lack of local Scent Work instructors or classes. 

2. Group classes wouldn't work for the dog or handler.

3. Their lives and schedules are jam-packed as it is!

The solution? Scent Work University. A flexible online learning option that doesn't skimp on the quality of instruction. After taking a SWU course, you should walk away feeling as though you had an individualized attention expected from private instruction at a fraction of the cost!

To achieve this, we offer three enrollment types: Student, Auditor and Watcher, each perfectly designed to fit the needs of every type of dog owner.

What types of courses are offered at SWU? Great question! We offer skills-based and competition venue-specific courses. The skills-based courses are for all dog owners, even those not interested in competition. Competing? Perfect, the competition venue-specific courses are what you are looking for to ace your next trial.

SWU also offers informative webinars, thought-provoking blogs and a podcast focusing on all things Scent Work. In short, we've got you covered for all your Scent Work needs. 

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your sniffing adventure. Now, let's get to training!

Check out SWU has to offer!

See a listing of our upcoming online Scent Work courses, and find something that works for you and your dog.