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Our Instructors

We are incredibly fortunate to have this group of professionals as part of our team.

Each instructor brings a different approach and insight but all are experienced in and passionate about Scent Work. Learn more about them below!

Alison Andrews
Alison AndrewsScent Work Instructor
Renea Dahms
Renea DahmsScent Work Instructor
Rosemary Guthrie
Rosemary GuthrieScent Work Instructor
Michelle Doram
Michelle DoramScent Work Instructor
Judith Guthrie
Judith GuthrieScent Work Instructor
Michael McManus
Michael McManusScent Work Instructor
Natalie McManus
Natalie McManusScent Work Instructor
Chris Puls
Chris PulsScent Work Instructor
Laurel Scarioni
Laurel ScarioniScent Work Instructor
Khara Schuetzner
Khara SchuetznerScent Work Instructor
Kristina Sveinson
Kristina SveinsonScent Work Instructor
Lori Timberlake
Lori TimberlakeScent Work Instructor
Dianna L. Santos
Dianna L. SantosOwner and Lead Instructor

We are beyond lucky and fortunate for our team of instructors, each of whom are passionate about Scent Work and helping more dogs get to sniffing!

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor