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Getting Ready for Trial:

NACSW Program

The organization that statrted it all, NACSW™ is oftentimes referred to as the "golden standard" when it come to Scent Work/Nose Work competition orgnaizations, and most closely resembles what professional detection dog teams encounter when out in the field.

These courses are designed to help you be successful at a NACSW™ trial, and have fun doing so! Happy Sniffing!

NACSW: NW2 Trial Prep

NACSW: NW2 Trial Prep

With this course, you and your dog will be ready to tackle your NW2.

NACSW: NW3 Trial Prep

NACSW: NW3 Trial Prep

While NW3 trials can be intimidating, you will feel better prepared after taking this course.

NACSW Packages

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