United States Canine Scent Sports

USCSS is a newer Scent Work competition organization that started in Southern CA and has since grown nationally, and is looking to grow internationally as well. USCSS offers three different types of trials, which includes both traditional Scent Work searches as well as skills-specific games. These courses are designed to help both competitors and officials who participate in USCSS trials to be more successful. Happy Sniffing!

Whenever an official sets a hide at a trial, it should be a thoughtful and well-planned process in an attempt to pose a particular odor puzzle to each dog and handler team. A course geared toward all trial officials, especially those with United States Canine Scent Sports , you will learn how to ensure each hide is successful at your next trial!
Judges and CSDs are the backbone of USCSS™ . They must have a full understanding of the Official Rules, how the Classes and Games are to be organized, designed, run and officiated as well as understand their overall roles at a trial. While a requirement for all USCSS™ officials, competitors will also find this course exceedingly helpful.

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