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Getting Ready for Trial:

United States Canine Scent Sports Program

USCSS is a newer Scent Work competition organization that started in Southern CA and has since grown nationally, and is looking to grow internationally as well.

USCSS offers three different types of trials, which includes both traditional Scent Work searches as well as skills-specific games.

These courses are designed to help both competitors and officials who participate in USCSS trials to be more successful. Happy Sniffing!

Hide Placement for Trial

Hide Placement for Trial

Having a thorough understanding of all that goes into placing a hide is helpful to trial officials and competitors alike.

Judge and CSD Certification

Judge and CSD Certification

In this course we provide a detailed breakdown of the USCSS rules and tips for officials and competitors alike.

Private Video Lessons

Looking for even more individualized training?

Reserve a private video lesson with one of our instructors today!