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Introduction to Scent Work

Introduction to Scent Work

Does your dog love to sniff? Are you looking for a way to work them out mentally and physically with an activity that is still easy for you to do and fit into your busy schedule? Do you need something to help build your dog's confidence or curb unwanted behaviors stemming from boredom? Great! Then the Introduction to Scent Work course is for you!

Course Details

In this 6-week online course, we will be covering the basic concepts of Scent Work as an activity, how to get started, what foundation skills are crucial for a team to succeed in the sport all while instilling ways to ensure the game remains fun for all involved. Throughout this course, we will be utilizing the K9 Nose Work® training methodology, where we use treats, otherwise known as primary, to introduce the dog to the concept of the game. Using this approach works for a large swath of dogs, and handlers, and can ensure the activity remains fun and engaging. Not only will this ensure a foundation to help your dog succeed in NACSW™ trials, it will also be beneficial when competing in other Scent Work competition organizations as well.

Should You Take This Course?

  • Do you have a puppy? This course can be a wonderful way to give build their confidence, work them out mentally without straining them physically.
  • Do you have a dog who needs job? If your dog is bouncing off the walls and no amount of fetch does the trick, than this course can be they what you were looking for! Work them out mentally, let them do some problem solving without breaking the bank or needing another 40 hours added to the week!
  • Do you have a dog that has retired from another dog sport? Perhaps you and your dog loved agility, but now they are getting up in years and arthrtitis is starting to kick in. Scent Work is a perfect choice to continue honing the relationship you built over all these years, and still allowing your dog to be a star.
  • Are you interested in competing? A solid foundation is key. Whether you want to compete in a NACSW™ trial down the road, or with AKC, UKC, USCSS, PSD, C-WAGS or SDDA, the priniciples covered in this course will get you started right!
  • Are you already competing, but have noticed a drop-off in your dog's enthusiasm? This course can help reignite your dog's love for the game, and fill in holes that may exist in their foundation understanding
  • Do you have a shy or fearful dog? Scent Work can help build your dog's overall confidence, which can help improve their behavior overall. You will be amazed at the transformation this activity can cause!
  • Do you have a reactive dog? Scent Work is used in behavior modification programs to give dogs a proper outlet, to allow them to tap into an innate instinct, use their brains and provide physical stimulation. All of that to say, Scent Work can help improve the quality of your reactive dog's life and improve their overall behavior.
  • Do you just want to do something fun with your dog? Scent Work is where it is at! Easy. Fun. Engaging. Simple. No burdensome or heavy equipment to buy. No need to stress about the amount of time it takes. 5-15 minutes a day, two or three times a week. That's it.

What You Will Need:

  • your dog
  • collar (flat or martingale)
  • harness (back-clip) (optional)
  • leash (6'-8')
  • long line (10'-15')
  • treats (high-value and smelly)
  • crate or area dog can wait while you set-up your searches
  • boxes (minimum of 10 boxes of various sizes) (good excuse to shop at Amazon!)
  • plastic lid (from a yogurt or similar container)
  • earthquake putty or GlueDots

Course Outline

  • Getting Stated in Scent Work
  • Assessing and Building Confidence
  • Introducing Elevated Hides
  • Broadening the Search
  • Introducing Interior Searches
  • Putting It All Together
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