Find the online course that works for you and your dog

SWU offers courses for everyone, including those just getting started and those handlers who have been competing for years.

  • In our School of Scent Work, we concentrate on all things related to our dog's amazing sense of smell. The courses and webinars offered will help handlers who are brand new to the concept of Scent Work, as well as those who have been competing for years. Here are a few of the categoires of courses we offer:

    • Foundation Scent Work
    • Introduction to Odor
    • Advanced Scent Work
    • Scent Work Skills
    • AKC Scent Work Courses
    • UKC Nose Work Courses
    • United States Canine Scent Sports Courses
    • C-WAGS Scent Detective Program Courses
    Find out more about our School of Scent Work here.

"At SWU, we promote having fun with our dogs...we could all use more running around with our tongues hanging out!"

Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor