Upcoming Online Scent Work Courses

The following are the courses that we have coming up for the next Student session. That means you can enroll by the date below to participate as a Student, submit homework and videos and receive individualized support from your instructor.

So don't delay, enroll today!


Introduction to Scent Work

Teach your dog what the fun game of Scent Work is all about using the K9 Nose Work training method.

Introducing Birch

It's officially time to show your dog how to hunt for a target odor and love doing it in Container and Interior search elements.

Introducing Clove

Train your dog to hunt for Clove in all four search elements while also prepping for trial.

Reading Your Dog

One of the most crucial skills you can have as a handler is being able to properly read your dog and know when they are hunting...and when they're not.

NACSW: NW2 Trial Prep

With this course, you and your dog will be ready to tackle your NW2 and feel confident doing so.

Exteriors and Vehicles with Primary

Using the K9 Nose Work training method, we will introduce your dog to two of the trickiest search elements!

Exteriors and Vehicles with Birch

Your dog will learn to tackle two of the hardest search elements as they hunt for Birch.

All Elements and Odors

Take your Scent Work training to the next level, stretching your dog to search in all elements and for all odors.

Only Odor Proofing Course

Do you dread working in certain search elements? Think your dog will get distracted, stop hunting or mark? Then this course is for you!

NACSW: NW3 Trial Prep

While NW3 trials can be intimidating, you will feel better prepared after taking this course.

Advanced Skills with Primary

Get ready to teach your dog advanced exercises, even some they would potentially see at trial, all by using primary alone!

Introducing Anise

Get ready to teach your dog advanced exercises, even some they would potentially see at trial, all by using primary alone!

Building Endurance in Scent Work

Scent Work is exhausting, mentally and physically! Learn how to build your dog's searching, and overall, endurance.

AKC: Handler Discrimination

Help your dog learn to find an article with your odor on it, proof them from potential distractors and prepare for the various levels of competition.

Rolling Enrollment Courses

Hide Placement for Trial

Designed to assist USCSS trial officials, all Scent Work handlers and trainers would benefit!

Judge and CSD Certification

A requirement for all USCSS officials, this is a great way to learn about USCSS and prep for trial.

Navigating C-WAGS Scent Detective Program

Learn about this fun titling organization, the different search classes and how to prep for trial.

Handler's Choice

Do you feel as though you've hit a wall with your training?

Enroll in this course where you get to direct the curiculum!

Every dog everywhere should be doing Scent is truly that valuable.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor