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Want to jump into a course right away? With these courses, you can do just that!

Introduction to Scent Work

Looking to get started in Scent Work or improve your dog's enthusiasm and drive for the game? This course is for you!

Exteriors and Vehicles with Primary

Your dog understands the Scent Work game and is ready for the next step: working Exterior and Vehicle search areas!

Advanced Skills with Primary

Introduce your dog to some more advanced odor problems using primary alone; keeping the game fun and engaging!

Introducing Birch

Is your dog ready to hunt for a novel odor? Great! They will learn to confidently hunt for Birch in Container and Interior searches in this course.

Exteriors and Vehicles with Birch

Your dog is confidently finding Birch in Container and Interior searches...up the ante and introduce them to Exterior and Vehicle searches!

Building Endurance in Scent Work

Can your dog search an area with 5, 10, 15 or 20 hides in it? What about doing 2, 3, 4 or 5 searches back-to-back? Learn how in this course.

Building Speed in Scent Work

Do you find your dog getting slower and slower as they work? Improve their efficiency and drive for the game with this course.

Building Independence in Scent Work

To be successful, dogs must trust their nose and be able to work out complex odor problems independently. They learn to do so in this course.

Only Odor Proofing Course

Do distractors or exterior search areas stress you out? Think your dog will be easily distracted? In this course they will learn odor is best!

Reading Your Dog

Want to be successful at a Scent Work trial? Properly reading your dog is crucial. In this course study videos and learn your dog 's tells.

NW2 Trial Prep

You and your dog are ready to tackle your first NW2 trial, or perhaps this is your second attempt. Learn what you need to success and enroll in this course today!

NW3 Trial Prep

Are you getting ready for your first NW3 or coming off a recent "miss"? Get tips for success, pitfalls to avoid and training ideas in this course.

Hide Placement for Trial

While specifically designed for USCSS officials, this course will benefit any competition organization, and competitor as well.

Judge and CSD Certification Course

A requirement for all approved USCSS officials, this course goes into depth regarding the Rules, requirements and how to officiate a USCSS trial.

Navigating the C-WAGS Scent Detective Program

See what the C-WAGS Scent Detective Program is all about, with an in-depth look at the rules, levels, classes as well as finding and entering a trial.