Instructors: Interested in Offering Private Video Lessons

Thank you again for being an instructor with Scent Work University, you rock! We would love for you to offer private video lessons through SWU!

Below is a quick breakdown of how this would work. If you are still interested, please complete the form on this page and I will get you a contract to look over and then electronically sign.

Time Limit Options: 30-minutes, 45-minutes and 1-hour. You can choose from any of these options, meaning, you can offer all three or only one. It is entirely up to you.

Platform Used:  Zoom (will be an account through SWU, and you will have your own login).

When do I Offer These Lessons? This is entirely up to you! We will be using a service called, and you can sync your personal calendar through this system. It is pretty easy and straightforward to note what days and times you want to be availabe for these private lessons. This can as broad as January 14th - January 18th, 12:00PM - 5:00PM to January 14th 3:30PM, 5:00PM and 7:00PM. It is entirely up to you. 

What Does SWU Handle? All scheduling correspondence with the client, as well as collection of payment and issuing of refunds should there be a cancellation. Will also administer the Calendy and Zoom accounts.

What is My Cut? 80% of the fee charged. SWU retains 20% to cover administrative costs. Your payment will be sent either on the two-week payment schedule, or the end of the day the lesson was offered (your choice, and this will be outlined in the contract). 

What Do I Charge? This is entirely up to you. As a reference point, I am charging the following:

  • 30-minute: $37.50
  • 45-minute: $55.00
  • 1-hour: $75.00

My usual in-person rate was $100/hr before I retired. 

My goal for SWU is to provide access to outstanding instruction and dog training regardless of where the dog owners may actually live. All of you are outstanding instructors, and I would love for you to offer private lessons through SWU.

If you would like to offer these Private Video Lessons through SWU, please fill out the form below:

Offer Video Private Lessons