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Kristina Sveinson


CKC Scent Detection Instructor and Competitor

SDDA Instructor and Competitor

Titles Achieved:





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Kristina Sveinson started The Little Nose that Knows when she discovered her passion for Sport Scent Detection. She rescued her Chihuahua BOLT in 2013 and wanted to do a sport with him, so her trainer told her about this new sport for dogs. She quickly discovered her tiny dog loved to search and despite his obvious differences from most dogs we associate with Scent Detection, he exceled at the game and earned his Started Title in early 2014, at the sport’s first trial event in Western Canada. Bolt was the first Chihuahua to title in Canada and is the only Chihuahua to have earned an Advanced title as well. Bolt is currently working towards his Excellent title with the Sporting Detection Dog Association (SDDA) in Canada.

Kristina has had a passion for learning and teaching others since her childhood. While her career path led her to Human Resources in Health Care, she continued to love teaching and began teaching Sport Scent Detection in 2014. Through workshops with renowned Canadian Scent Detection professions, online training and sport seminars with SDDA judges she maintains a current education in all aspects of Sport Scent Detection and pledges to continue to learn and bring new techniques to her students. Her students boast successes in competition with titles from Started through to Elite, 2 Master Championship titles and various high in class placements in competition. Kristina teaches methods for competition students as well as a program applicable to pet owners just looking to have fun with their dogs. She has developed a GAMES curriculum, various Trial Prep lessons and provides Virtual Lessons for students at a distance.

Kristina is also an active advocate for the SDDA, promoting their mission statement and hosting Scent Detection trials for this organization. She strives in all she does to keep it fun for everyone involved and is often seen sharing smiles and laughter even at the highest pressure moments of trial running.

When not doing Scent Work Kristina and Bolt can be seen competing in CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Rally Obedience. They are a team everyone loves to watch, as Bolt’s determination shines. In only 4 shows Bolt achieved his Advanced Rally title and they are working toward RE and RAE titles now.

Looking forward to 2018 Kristina is excited to share her ever expanding knowledge with her students, achieve another title (or more!) with Bolt and hopefully trial the first Saint Bernard to a Started title in Canada.

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