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Maximize Your Learning:

Course Package Deals

There may be a series of courses you are interested in enrolling in. To that end, we offer a variety of packages so you may enjoy a 10% discount on those courses!

These packages are organized to help you get a kickstart on your Scent Work training career.

Foundation Scent Work Packages

Get a solid start on your sniffing journey by completing the three courses in this package.

NACSW Packages

Prepare both your dog and yourself to ace your next NACSW trial by taking these courses.

Getting Started Packages

Introduce your dog to Scent Work and then get them to to hunt for Birch in all four search elements.

USCSS Packages

Have a better understanding of what USCSS is all about and how you and your dog can succeed at trial.

Sniffing Sensei Packages

Perfect a variety of skills your dog will need to master should you be interested in trialing,

Private Video Lessons

Looking for even more individualized training?

Reserve a private video lesson with one of our instructors today!

Every dog everywhere should be doing Scent Work...it is truly that valuable.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor