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Ep. 18: Just Train for It: A Deeper Look

Ep. 18: Just Train For It: A Deeper Look

A slogan that is making the rounds as of late is, "Just Train for It!". This has come about in response to people claiming they are having difficulties at trials, especially when it come to potential distractions or distractors. Asking people to train for what they may see at trial is a sound principle on it's face...but is this slogan potentially doing more harm than good?

In this podcast episode, we discuss the inadvertent downsides to "Just Train For It", the need to be clear and thorough as well as how, as community, we need to reassess how we approach trialing and training. A ton of information jammed into one little podcast episode! Let's get to it! 

*NOTE: In this episode, Dianna mentions a few things. One is Michael McManus' The Language of Nose Work: Reading Your Dog Webinar as well as Lori Timberlake's blogs and podcasts.

If you were looking for more detailed instruction on how to work distractions into your training, look into our online course, Only Odor Proofing Course.

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