Podcast Episodes and Transcripts

Looking to see the detailed breakdown for each of the episodes from the All About Scent Work Podcast?

Click on the images below to see the transcript for each episode. 

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Ep. 23 - Are You Having Fun...You Should Be
Ep 22: What Does All of This Mean?!
Ep. 21: Rehab a Dog with Scent Work
Ep. 20: A Summit Trial Experience
Ep. 19: Trials...What Takes So Long?!
Ep. 18: Just Train for It - A Deeper Look
Odor is Odor is Odor
Ep. 16: Aging Dogs and Scent Work
Odor is Odor is Odor
Ep. 14 - Triangulating is What?
Cataloging: An Issue...Or Not?
Real Talk: We Need to Do Better
Ep. 11 - Boxes! Pairing! Boo! ... Or, Not So Much
Ep. 10 - Patience, Grasshopper
Ep 9 - Confessions of a Nervous Competitor
Ep 8 - So, What is a  Reactive Dog?
Ep. 7 - Being a Good Scent Work Instructor
Ep. 6 - Hosting a Scent Work Trial
Ep. 5 - The Ideal Trial Official
Ep. 4 - The Ideal Competitor
Ep. 3 - It’s Too Hot! Too Cold! Too Rainy! Too Snowy!…Is It?
Ep. 2 - Battling Your Ego
Ep. 1 - Why is Scent Work So Popular?!