School of Scent Work

At Scent Work University, we focus on all things Scent Work! We believe every dog should play the GAME of Scent Work, it is that beneficial! We offer two major categories of courses: Skills Courses and Sports Courses.

  • If you are just starting out in Scent Work or are looking to build and improve upon your dog's skills playing the game of Scent Work, the Skills Courses are for you!
  • If you and your dog are well into your Scent Work training and are getting ready to compete, or are competing already, then the Sports Courses are what you need.

Check out these various types of online Scent Work courses we have to offer, and get your sniffing on!

Skills Courses

These are general categories of the types of Skills Courses we offer at Scent Work University. For instance, if you were just starting out in Scent Work, you would want to check out the Foundation Scent Work courses. If you have already finished a foundation program, perhaps your dog is ready to start hunting for a novel odor. In that case our Intro to Odor courses are what you are looking for. We're certain we have what you need to get your sniffing adventures off to a great start!

Sport Courses

If you are getting ready to compete, or are competing already, you want to ensure you and your dog are ready for that particular trial! Part of this entails knowing what is expected of you individually and as a team. There are now a number of Scent Work titling organizations for you to choose from, but it can be confusing trying to decipher how to be successful in each venue. These venue-specific courses are exactly what you and your dog need to rock your next Scent Work trial!