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Succeeding in the PSD Speed Game

Performance Scent Dogs offers five search classes, one of them being the Speed Game. This game requires the handler and the dog to move quickly through the search area to locate 3 hides. In this course, we will give you tips on how to ace the Speed Game!

Course Details


Dog should be solid on hunting for odor.

Course Outline

  • Discussion of Speed Game Rules
  • Discussion of Speed Game Levels
  • Tips on How to Succeed in Speed Game
  • Exercises You Can Try
  • How to Keep It Fun

Watcher Enrollment

Basic access to course materials, this is the most flexible option where you can go through the material at your own pace, when it works best for you. 


  • Full access to all course materials
  • May view general forum
  • May view homework forum
  • Unable to ask instructor questions 


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