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Puppy Scent Work

In this course, we introduce our puppies to the wonderful game of Scent Work using fun and engaging games and exercises.

Your puppy has an amazing sense of smell. They also seem to have an endless supply of energy! Why not give them a game they can play that will tap into that nose of theirs, give them a mental and physical outlet and help build their confidence?! Scent Work will help you achieve all of this and more!

Course Details

Scent Work is the civilian version of what police and military dogs do out in the field. While we will not be finding bad guys, bombs or drugs, we will be working to help our puppies use their amazing sense of smell of work out various odor puzzles.

In this 6-week course, we will have your puppy find food, otherwise known as primary, in a variety of container and interior searches.

While similar to our Introduction to Scent Work course, we adjusted all of the exercise in this course to keep in mind our puppies are only babies! This means all of the exercises were broken down into smaller steps, we utilize play and potty breaks and strive to ensure your puppy doesn't get overwhelmed. After all, our goal is to have Scent Work be one of your puppy's favorite games. We do not want them to sour to the game or make any unintended negative associations during their fear periods.

So get ready to have tons of sniffing fun in this course!

Should You Take This Course?

  • Do you have a puppy? This course can be a wonderful way to give build their confidence, work them out mentally without straining them physically.
  • Are you interested in eventually competing? A solid foundation is key. Whether you want to compete in a NACSW™ trial down the road, or with AKC, UKC, USCSS, PSD, C-WAGS or SDDA, the principles covered in this course will get you started right!
  • Do you just want to do something fun with your puppy? Scent Work is where it is at! Easy. Fun. Engaging. Simple. No burdensome or heavy equipment to buy. No need to stress about the amount of time it takes. 5-15 minutes a day, two or three times a week. That's it.

What You Will Need:

  • your puppy
  • collar (flat or martingale)
  • harness (back-clip) (optional)
  • leash (6'-8')
  • long line (10'-15')
  • treats (high-value and smelly)
  • crate or area your puppy can wait while you set-up your searches
  • boxes (minimum of 10 boxes of various sizes) (good excuse to shop at Amazon!)
  • plastic lid (from a yogurt or similar container)
  • earthquake putty or GlueDots

Course Outline

The Puppy Scent Work course is designed to provide the same exact learning experience we provided to our in-person group dog training classes in a virtual format. Same great quality with more flexibility and convenience!

Here is a quick breakdown of the types of topics that will be covered each week:

  • Sniffing for Treats
  • Assessing and Building Confidence
  • Introduction to Elevation Hides
  • 2 Hides, 4 Hides, 6 Hides WOW
  • Container v. Interior Searches

Meet Your Instructor:

Dianna L. Santos

Dianna L. Santos

Owner and Lead Instructor

Dianna's Credentials




AKC Scent Work Judge

USCSS CSD and Judge

AKC CGC and Trick Evaluator

C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator

Associate Trick Dog Instructor

Student Enrollment

Virtual equivalent to in-person group classes. Submit videos of your homework assignments and work directly with an online instructor.


  • Full access to all course materials
  • Full access to Private Student Facebook Group
  • Submit homework and videos
  • Detailed review from instructor


Course Starts on June 8th

Grants you access to all the course materials for one full year.

Auditor Enrollment

Enhanced option with the ability to post to the community group and ask instructor questions without the pressure of submitting homework or videos.


  • Full access to all course materials
  • Will submit 1-video to the instructor to review
  • May ask questions in the General Facebook Group


Course Starts on June 8th

Grants you access to all the course materials for one full year.

Watcher Enrollment

Basic access to course materials, this is the most flexible option where you can go through the material at your own pace, when it works best for you. 


  • Full access to all course materials
  • Access to the General Facebook Group
  • May upgrade to submit video for review for additional cost


Course Starts on June 8th

Grants you access to all the course materials for one full year.

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