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UKC Nosework: Novice thru Advanced Competition Prep

Your dog is searching for Birch, and you are thinking about competing. UKC Nosework is a great place to start! One of the main benefits of UKC is that the levels have been created to allow the dog to progress step by step, with each level just slightly more challenging than the one before. It really is about setting the dog up for success and building confidence, just like a good training plan.

Course Details

In UKC Nosework, Novice and Advanced trials are very similar, with only minor differences. This course will help to prepare dog and handler to trial confidently at both of these levels. All aspects of each element search will be covered, from environmental effects on scent and hide placement to effective handling. You will also learn how to imprint the Advanced odor of Anise.


This course is intended for dogs that are already working Birch odor and have been introduced to Interior, Exterior and Container (open boxes) search scenarios.

What You Will Need:

  • (8) Cones-sports cones work well
  • 6-8' Leash, Long leash (8-12', longer size is for larger dogs or fast dogs)
  • (25) Literature Mailer boxes 3" tall and 10-13" x 8-13" (Example)
  • (10) shipping cardboard boxes, identical not required
  • Odor kit with Birch ("Sweet Birch" aka Betula Lenta) and Anise ("Aniseed" aka Pimpinella Anisum)
  • (5) Odor containers/tins
  • Museum putty

Course Outline

  • UKC competition rules, levels and titles overview
  • Defining alert behaviors
  • Start line routine and thresholds
  • Leash handling skills
  • Introducing closed container searches
  • Vehicle seaches - Novice and Advanced
  • Interior and Exterior searches - Novice and Advanced
  • Adding Anise
  • Assessing trial readiness

Meet Allison Andrews

Allison Andrews

Owner and Lead Instructor

UKC Certifying Official

PSD Judge

CATCH Mentor Trainer

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