Advanced Scent Work

Take your Scent Work training to the next level!

Combo Odors

In the upper levels of competition, teams may encounter an odor problem where a single hide contains multiple q-tips scented with Birch, Anise and Clove or any combination therein. This is an advanced odor problem which can trip up many teams. This course will provide a variety of exercsies to help teams navigate this advanced odor problem. 

Building Endurance for Scent Work

Scent Work is an exhausting activity for the dog, both mentally and physically. Therefore, we must consciously train to build upon our dog's endurance, especially as we prepare to enter the higher levels of competition. In this course, we will outline how you can get your dog comfortable with routinely finding 8, 10, 15 or even more hides within a single search area!

Building Speed for Scent Work

When dogs are competiting at Scent Work trials, they are not only judged on whether they find the hide, but how quickly. Now, every dog has their own search style and no two dogs are the same. However, we are going to cover exercises designed to help your dog be as speedy as THEY can be. We will also discuss the importance of speed v. rushing. 

Building Distance for Scent Work

For any team to be successful in Scent Work, the dog must be given space to work so that they may get to source. In this course, we will cover a variety of exercises designed to improve your dog's confidence when searching. In doing so, your dog will gain confidence and further build their comfort in working away from you. 

Building Independence for Scent Work

Scent Work is one of the few dog sports where the dog must take the lead. After all, they are the one with the amazing sense of smell! For many of our dogs, it is scary or unnerving to the take the reins as it were. Oftentimes, it is even harder for handlers to give up a level of control! We will address both of these concerns head-on! We will help your dog to develop a level of independence and confidence while helping you know the difference between hndering v. helping.