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Expand Your Scent Work Knowledge

Online Scent Work Seminars

We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone! Therefore, we will occassionally offer online seminar series featuring highly qualified dog training professionals.

What are the benefits of an online seminar?

No travel or lodging fees.

No taking time off of work.

No getting someone to watch the dog or kids.

Go through the material at your own pace.

Have access to all material for 1-full year.

Check out the seminars we have in the works, we think you will be pleased.

Upcoming Seminar Topics:

Hide Placement and Odor Movement

Elite Handling

Treats, Toys and Bottles: Leveraging All Sniffing Opportunities

Private Video Lessons

Looking for even more individualized training?

Reserve a private video lesson with one of our instructors today!

Always be open to learning. Our dogs are the best teachers if we take a moment to listen.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor