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Support When You Need It

Get Support When You Need It

Have you ever needed a dog training class only to find out it will not be offered for weeks or even months?! Worst still, when you do finally get in, it may seem as though you only have a sliver of the instructor's attention. How frustrating.

SWU is different. Once a course is created, it is available to Auditors and Watchers on a rolling enrollment basis; that means, you can enroll at any time! All course participants will also have access to the course forum where they may find answers to their questions. Students and Auditors may post questions to the course forum, and will receive feedback from their instructor and fellow course participants. If someone enrolls as a Watcher and determines they want more feedback, they may upgrade their enrollment at any time.

Have a technical issue? Simply email us and we will look into it right away.

We are here to provide you and your dog with the support you need and deserve.