Skills Courses

Thank you for your interest in our online Scent Work Skills Courses! Woohoo!

To be a great Scent Work sniffing dog, your dog will need to develop and hone a variety of skills. The ability to detect, chase and locate odor in a variety of search elements under all types of weather and environmental conditions for starters. Then there is their ability to cope with a wide range of difficulty levels of hides, or coping with individual aspects of the hunt such as locating a large number of hides, elevated hides, racing against the clock...and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot for your dog to learn and master to be successful in this game!

Luckily, we've got you covered at Scent Work University. We have broken up our skills courses into categories to help you nail down what you may need as a team. Check them out!

Foundation Scent Work

Are you or your dog new to Scent Work? Do you want to shore up on your foundation skills? Perhaps you have been competing for a while and want to increase your dog's drive and enthusiasm for the game. These courses are for you!

Intro to Odor

Is your dog ready to learn how to hunt for a novel odor, such as Birch? Great! In these courses we will cover how to introduce this concept to the dog, as well as apply it to increasingly challenging search areas.

Advanced Scent Work

Your dog has a solid foundation in Scent Work. They know several novel odors. They are now ready to develop more advanced and specific skills, especially to prep for trial. Our Advanced Scent Work courses are exactly what you need.

Handler Scent Work Skills

You are a crucial part of the Scent Work team! With these courses we will focus on developing and perfecting your skills so you are the partner your dog needs!

Virtual Scent Work Coaching

Do you want more one-on-one instruction and guidance? Never fear, our virtual Scent Work coaching sessions are here!