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Finessing Your Craft:

Advanced Scent Work Skills Program

Your dog is developing into a sniffing fiend! Now we need to fine-tune their skills. This includes helping them improve in terms of their overall endurance, speed, ability to work out specific odor problems (ie. elevated hides, threshold hides, converging odor problems, etc), just to name a few.

With these courses, you and your dog will be sniffing champs!

Combo Odors

Teach your dog how to search for cocktail target odors in all four search elements and help them prepare for certain types of trials.

Building Endurance with Scent Work

Scent Work can be exhausting, mentally and physically! Learn how to build your dog's searching, and overall, endurance.

Building Speed in Scent Work

While every dog is an individual with a unique way of hunting, each can improve their efficiency and speed while searching.

Building Distance in Scent Work

To be successful, your dog must be confident enough to work away from you. Using fun and engaging games, we will help them do just that.

Building Independence with Scent Work

Your dog is the one with the nose and they have to know to trust it and not cue solely off you! So let's work on building independent hunting!

Only Odor Proofing Course

Do you dread working in certain search elements? Think your dog will get distracted, stop hunting or mark? Then this course is for you!

Varying Odor Concentrations

An odor picture can look entirely different depending on the concentration of the odor. So let's ensure your dog knows how to tackle all these types of odor puzzles.

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Sniffing Sensei Package

Ready to take your dog's sniffing skills to the next level?

Order the Sniffing Sensei Package and enjoy 10% off!

Our dogs are masters when it comes to odor. We can learn so much if we just take the time to watch and listen.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor

Online Scent Work Skills Programs

Foundation Scent Work Program

Foundation Scent Work Program

Intro to Odor Program

Intro to Odor Program

Advanced Skills Program

Advanced Skills Program

Handler Skills Program

Handler Skills Program

Virtual Coaching Program

Virtual Coaching Program

Private Video Lessons

Private Video Lessons