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Getting Started in Scent Work:

Foundation Scent Work Program

These courses are designed to get you and your dog started on the right paw! They focus on using food, otherwise known as primary, to help build the dog's drive, enthusiasm and understanding for the game of Scent Work. These courses can also be a wonderful way to bring the joy back into a game for a dog who has been competing for a while, or for a dog who may have some holes in their foundation training.

We use the K9 Nose Work® training method for these courses. This means not only will these courses prepare you and your dog to have a solid foundation for NACSW trials, but for trialing with any Scent Work competition organization, all while focusing on having fun with your dog! Happy Sniffing!

Introduction to Scent Work

Introduction to Scent Work

Teach your dog what the fun game of Scent Work is all about using the K9 Nose Work training method.

Exteriors and Vehicles with Primary

Exteriors and Vehicles with Primary

Using the K9 Nose Work training method, we will introduce your dog to two of the hardest search elements!

Advanced Skills with Primary

Advanced Skills with Primary

Get ready to teach your dog advanced exercises, even some they would potentially see at trial, all by using primary alone!

Foundation Scent Work Package

Interested in getting a solid start to your dog's sniffing adventures?

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Every dog everywhere should be doing Scent is truly that valuable.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor