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Foundation Scent Work Courses

These courses are designed to get you and your dog started on the right paw! They focus on using food, otherwise known as primary, to help build the dog's drive, enthusiasm and understanding for the game of Scent Work. These courses can also be a wonderful way to bring the joy back into a game for a dog who has been competing for a while, or for a dog who may have some holes in their foundation training.

We use the K9 Nose Work® training method for these courses. This means not only will these courses prepare you and your dog to have a solid foundation for NACSW trials, but for trialing with any Scent Work competition organization, all while focusing on having fun with your dog! Happy Sniffing!

Introduction to Scent Work

Does your dog love to sniff? Are you looking for a way to work them out mentally and physically with an activity that is still easy for you to do and fit into your busy schedule? Do you need something to help build your dog's confidence or curb unwanted behaviors stemming from boredom? Great! Then the Introduction to Scent Work course is for you!

Advanced Skills with Primary

Your dog is doing great searching for primary in all four of the elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle and Container).  Now they are ready to put all of their training to the test! In this 6-week course, we will improve upon three specific skills-sets using primary alone: building endurance, building speed and building independence. 

Foundation Scent Work Package Deals Available!

Have a shy dog? Looking to build their confidence? Want to have a rock-solid foundation? The courses offered in this package are what you need!

Getting Started Package Deals Available!

First you will teach your dog to hunt for primary, and then they will move onto hunting for Birch with these series of foundation courses.