Intro to Odor Courses

Your dog understands what Scent Work is all about. Now it is time to introduce them to the concept of hunting for a novel odor! These courses will walk you through how to help your dog learn how to navigate hunting in a variety of search elements, while coping with incrementally more challenging set-ups.

We follow the K9 Nose Work® training methodology in how we introduce odor, build odor obedience and allow the activity to be dog-centric. Not only will this ensure your success in a NACSW™ trial, but in competing with other competition organizations as well. Best of all, fun will be had!

In this 6-week online course, your dog will learn to find a new novel odor: Birch. Teams will be concentrating on searching interior and container search areas. Handlers will also learn the importance of reward placement and timing, as well as how they can further support their canine partner, all while following the K9 Nose Work® methodology. Get ready to take your searching to the next level!
Has your dog graduated from the Introducing Birch course ? Are they ready to take their skills to the next level? Wonderful! This 6-week online course will cover how to introduce your dog to the concept of searching for Birch in exterior and vehicle search areas, both of which can be rather challenging. Gain the skills you need to succeed!
With your dog doing well in finding Birch in all the elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle and Container), you are ready to introduce them to a new novel odor: Anise. In this 6-week online course, we will show your dog that Anise is just as valuable as Birch and will have them searching for it in all the elements. You will be amazed by how quickly they pick this up!
Your dog is proficient in locating both Birch and Anise hides in all the elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicle and Container), well done! You are now ready to introduce a third odor to your dog: Clove . In this 6-week online course, we will ensure your dog loves Clove as much as they enjoy finding Birch and Anise. Get ready to have a great time!
Your dog is comfortable finding all three Scent Work odors: Birch, Anise and Clove . We will now ensure they can find all of these hides without pairing and in all the elements (Interior, Exteror, Vehicle and Container). Through the use of fun games and set-ups, your dog will stay engaged and love the game, even when the odor problem may be difficult!

Course Packages Deals

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