Handler Scent Work Skills Courses

You, as the handler, are a crucial part of this team! We need to ensure your skills and abilities are in tip top shape so you can be the supportive teammate your dog needs you be. Luckily, these courses will help you achieve just that.

One of the most important skills for any Scent Work handler to hone is being able to read their dog. Every dog will develop their own personal "tell". In this course we will break down the common signs your dog is in odor, heading toward and finding the hide as opposed to what it looks like when they get distracted, are crittering or investigating "dog odor".
Do you fret when you have to perform a search on-leash? Are all of your practice sessions done off-leash? Does the thought of using a long-line during a search make you cringe? Become well-rounded with your Scent Work skills and learn to become one with the leash in this 6-week course, your dog will thank you!
You have been working steadily on all your Scent Work training and practice sessions. Your dog is solid and ready to enter their very first trial. In this course, we will work out a plan, from picking an organization to compete with, to filling out the entry, to prepping the dog beforehand and preparing yourself for the big day.