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Virtual Scent Work Coaching

Have you ever wanted to work with an instructor one-on-one? Perhaps your feel that your practice sessions are not up to snuff. Maybe you and your dog are not progressing the way you would have hoped. We have just the thing! Our Virtual Scent Work coaching courses give you the ability to individualize your training and get answers to all those burning training questions!

Scent Work Coaching: Handler's Choice

Every Scent Work team has different goals. Some people practice every day, others are lucky to practice once a week (or less!). Many feel that they aren’t getting the most out of their practice. What should you practice? Do you know what you will do if a problem arises? Do you feel like you’re walking your dog from hide to hide (or giving them “hints”) instead of letting them work out the odor problem? With this course, we will coach YOU on how to be a better handler and Scent Work team as a whole!