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Online Scent Work

Our Online Courses

Thank you for your interest in our online Scent Work courses! That is super exciting!

Scent Work is an outstanding activity for any dog to get involved in. With benefits including increasing the dog's overall confidence, satiating their need to explore as well as working them out mentally and physically, Scent Work is a must-do game to play!

We've broken up our online Scent Work courses into two categories: Skills Courses and Sport Courses

If you are just getting started in Scent Work or are finessing your skills, then you want to check out the Skills Courses. 

If you and your dog are well on your way in your Scent Work training career and are getting ready to trial, or are trialing already, then you will want to check out the Sport Courses.

Alright, let's get to sniffing!

SWU Skills Courses
SWU Sports Courses

Every dog everywhere should be doing Scent Work...it is truly that valuable.

- Dianna L. Santos, Owner and Lead Instructor