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Scent Work University

Find custom-made designs and products focusing on the great activity of Scent Work!

Check out the designs we have available through our Scent Work University storefront...new designs will be added regularly!

NOTE: Apparel designs are available in t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts.

Sleeve designs and hats coming soon!

I Hereby Promise to Trust My Dog
Theres No Lying Crying or Dying in Scent Work
I Will Trust My Dog Today
Support Scent Work University
Designated Cookie Giver
Say Finish
Super Sniffer
Birch the Gateway Odor
Scent Work Legend
Be the Handler My Dog Deserves
Warning: Blurt Alerter
Reformed Blurt Alerter
Scent Work Trialing Checklist
Don't Look at Me
Proud Scent Work Fanatic
Nose Work Fanatic
Forever a Student
Always Be in SW Mode
Epic Lost Hide

Go directly to the storefront to see ALL of the designs!