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AKC Scent Work v. UKC Nose Work:
A Comparison Webinar

Depending on where you live, Scent Work trials with certain competition venues may be offered moreso than with others. Another issue is you may have two trials offered on the same weekend and you will have to choose which one to enter! We attempt to outline the differences between AKC Scent Work and UKC Nose Work in this webinar so you can make an informed decision about where to compete.

Webinar Details

In this webinar, we will compare AKC Scent Work and UKC Nose Work so you can have a better understanding of each and decide if you will compete with one venue or both.

However, this webinar is not designed to say if one choice is better than the other. Rather, we will outline the rules and regulations of AKC Scent Work and UKC Nose Work so you can make an informed decision as to which venue may be the better match for you and your dog...and it may very well be that competing in both will work out the best!

Presented by a trial official of both organizations who also has a ton of experience as a Scent Work competitor and trial host for NACSW-events, you will reap the benefits of learning from someone with an incredibly helpful perspective on this topic!

Webinar Length


Webinar Outline

  • AKC Scent Work Regulations
  • UKC Nose Work Regulations
  • Similiarities and Differences

Should You Take This Webinar?

  • Are you looking to compete in either venue? This webinar can give you more information so you can make a good choice for you and your dog.
  • Are you interested in learning more about either venue? Get the perspective of a professional trainer, trial official and competitor.
  • Are you interested in hosting trials? Learn what each trial venue offers so you can determine if you would be interested in hosting trials from one or both.
  • Are you a professional instructor? See how you can better educate your clients so they can make the best choice for themselves and their dogs.

Meet Lori Timberlake

Lori Timberlake

NACSW Program Instructor



UKC Certifying Official

AKC Scent Work Judge

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