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Power of Semi-Blind Searches

Language of Nose Work: Reading Your Dog Webinar

One of the most important skills a Nose Work or Scent Work handler can have is mastering the ability to properly read their dog. Learn how to do just that in this webinar!

Webinar Details

In this webinar, Michael will discuss reading your dog - one of the basic skills of Nose Work and Scent Work.

Webinar Length


Should You Take this Webinar?

  • Are you training in Scent Work or Nose Work? Your dog is the one with the nose...but do you know when they have actually found a hide, when they have ruled out there are any hides in blank areas, etc?
  • Are you planing to, or are currently, competing? You are an important part of the team, and being able to properly read your dog will ensure you are determining if they need help, are working out a problem and much more.
  • Are you an instructor? Being able to guide your students to better develop their eye while watching their dogs search is key when you are teaching Scent Work and Nose Work courses.

Webinar Outline

  • Interest v. Indication
  • Distractions
  • Types of Alerts
  • Change of Behaviors (COBs)
  • Blank Searches
  • and much more!

Meet Michael McManus

Michael McManus

Nose Work Instructor




NACSW Certifying Official

K9 Nose Work® Camp Instructor

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